Friday, September 23, 2016

In Which Captain Marvel Junior Soars with Green Eagles!

Shaping up to be a busy day, so we may not have a post tomorrow.  But we can stop and enjoy Master Comics #32:

That's an iconic cover that you've probably seen before... although I don't think they keep the eagle green when they use the image again.

Anyway, the story involves "Dr. Krool."  So, was that his real last name?  Well....

... it might be a nickname.  Sure, he might just be living up (or down, as the case may be) to the name he was given, but if he didn't start out life with the name, "Krool," he clearly earned it by that time.

But no disabled orphan kids get squished by trucks on Junior's watch:

Well, it's not Captain Nazi but he's certainly deserving of a Captain Marvel Jr. butt-kicking.  So, Freddy infiltrates the joint:

It's a little funny to have the magic word said off-panel because you just know what's coming:

Hey!  Random Butt-Kicking! (tm!)

Anyway, there's a complication so Junior had to leave and re-infiltrate as Freddy Freeman (because apparently no one noticed him getting struck by lightning earlier), but it would only be a matter of time before there were more well-deserved beatings to be administered:

And then:

I admit, that had me check the cover again to make sure he wasn't flying with a vulture.  But no, it was an eagle.  A green eagle, but still an eagle.

And then Junior catches up to the bad guys, free to smack them around for your entertainment:

And then this happened:

Let the disabled kids have their fun!  But let's drug test them first to make sure they deserve it!  And I want a tax receipt!

Yup... this was A Very Special Story. (tm!)

Moving on.  Check out the worst disguise I've seen in a while:

Wow.  That's... awkward and ineffective all at once.

Time for another installment of Well.... touche! (tm!)

Well.... touche! (tm!)

Seriously, that is worse than useless as a disguise.  Yeesh!

Check out Buck Jones:

He had a regular feature in Master Comics, what with being a famous movie star and all.

Then I saw this house ad at the end of the issue:

I'm prepared to guess we've seen the last of Buck Jones in comics.

See you tomorrow?  More likely Wednesday.  Anyway, see you soon!

In Which a Nameless Thug in a Burnt Orange Suit Gives Me My Laugh for the Day

Did I tell you I finally got around to seeing Batman vs. Superman?  I actually thought it was okay if you skipped the thirty minutes where they actually fought each other.  Poor DC just has a hard time making a good movie, don't they?

Anyway, here's Master Comics #31!

That looks like a lot of recycled artwork.  It's rather disappointing, considering the caliber of what we've had up to this point.  Maybe they were running behind and had to meet a deadline.

But, at least as the cover promised, we have the return of Mr. Macabre:

Considering the shellacking Junior has been giving Captain Nazi on a regular basis, I'm wondering why Mr. Macabre is putting himself in Junior's cross-hairs.  Seriously, if I were a villain of that era, I'd be hanging out where the Red Bee or the Press Guardian are considered badass.


And then this happened:

Now, wait a minute.  Unless Junior inflated himself like Bouncing Boy, I see a lot of opportunities for the flames and the shockwaves to reach that girl.  It's not that I don't want Junior to protect her... I'm just wanting it to make more sense.

In any event, Macabre escapes and then decides to once again poke the bear and pick a fight with Junior:

Now if I saw Junior shrug off a large plummeting block of concrete, I'd take that as my cue to give up crime and start a coin collection.  But Macabre is apparently a lot dumber than I thought he was:

Check out that guy on the left, standing there in a stupor.  I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be taking in from that, but it's hilarious.  In fact, this whole fight sequence has me playing the Looney Tunes theme in my head.

There, Macabre!  That's what Captain Nazi gets on a regular basis!  Are you about finished trying to go toe-to-toe with Captain Marvel Junior?

Well, the man can be taught!

And the torn clothes are a laugh riot to me for some reason.

Yeah, that's what happens.  You shouldn't mess with a guy who engages entire Axis fleets for fun.

But we're not done yet!

That guy.  THAT GUY!  What a scream!  He's still just standing there and I have no idea why.  Har!

And why is Junior always in such a rush to change back into Freddy Freeman?  I mean, does he want Macabre to find out who he is?  Does he want these guys to regain consciousness and beat him up while he's non-mighty?  It's like he just can't wait to quit being a super-strong guy who can fly.  I don't get it.

See you Monday!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

In Which the Weeper Uses Laughter as a Weapon Because COMICS!

As promised, we finish our look at Master Comics #30, with a return of The Weeper!

But they must be running out of ideas for The Weeper, because his m.o. seems a tad... derivative:

Using gas to make people laugh themselves to death?  Wow.... points for stealing the most recognizable gimmick in comic book history.

Yeah, they went full-blast on it.  Since this Weeper would turn up dead off-camera before too long, I would imagine the Joker found out about it over at DC Comics and took care of business.

That notwithstanding, here is a CMNS Moment.... of Comic Book Greatness (tm!):

This has been a CMNS Moment.... of Comic Book Greatness (tm!)

But then I saw this:

I did not just see a dog get shot in a comic book.  That is seriously messed up.  Okay, I'm not a fan of the Weeper any more.

Now I'm a fan of THIS guy:

Yup.  There was a villain called The Ear.  It happened, and we let it happen.

You know, there's just no way to make that name sound menacing.  But I find it amusing, so it's awesome!

See you tomorrow!